HOWO Sinotruk 6x4 Tipper (336) Схема ELECTRICAL LINES FOR CENTRAL
179100770391 [Box]
WG9100770394 [Cover]
WC9130773001 [Drivers cab-line]
WG9100770025 [Drivers cab negative line]
WG9100773004 [Left/right turn lamp-line]
WG9100773062 [Air condition chassis-line]
WG9130773003 [Left/right head lamp-line]
WG9130773006 [Left switch-line]
WG9130773007 [Right switch-line]
WG9130773008 [Water pump and horn-line]
WG9130773009 [Air pressure sensor and switch-line]
WG9130773055 [Left/right turn lamp-line]
WG9130775005 [Left/right head lamp-line]
WG9130775038 [ABS(WABCO)Cab wiring harness-line]
WG9100770132 [Seven hole socket-line]
WG9100770133 [Seven hole socket-line]
WG9100770255 [Flexible spirality cable-line]
WG9100773002 [Air drier-line]
WG9100773010 [Respective move box electric operation wining harness in cab-line]
WG9100773011 [Fuel box, solenoid valve and air filter-line]
WG9100773012 [Fuel box, solenoid valve and air filter-line]
WG9100773013 [Fuel box, solenoid valve and air filter-line]
WG9100773014 [Fuel box, solenoid valve and air filter-line]
WG9100773015 [Engine-line]
WG9100773017 [Transmission-line]
WG9100773018 [Transmission-line]
WG9100773028 [Transmission-line]
WG9100773029 [Air drier-line]
WG9100773031 [Classis flame-line]
WG9100773032 [Classis flame-line]
WG9100773033 [Classis flame-line]
WG9100773034 [Classis flame-line]
WG9100773035 [Classis flame-line]
WG9100773036 [Classis flame-line]
WG9100773037 [Classis flame-line]
WG9100773038 [Classis flame-line]
WG9100773039 [Classis flame-line]
WG9100773040 [Classis flame-line]
WG9100773041 [Transmission-line]
WG9100773042 [Transmission-line]
WG9100773043 [Transmission-line]
WG9100773044 [Transmission-line]
WG9100773051 [Work lamp chassis-line]
WG9100773055 [Power take off-line]
WG9100773056 [Air drier-line]
WG9100773080 [Fuel box, solenoid valve and air filter-line]
WG9100773089 [Starter-line]
WG9100773090 [Starter-line]
WG9100773095 [Starter-line]
WG9100779001 [Fuel box, solenoid valve and air filter-line]
WG9130773086 [Speedometer and odometer-line]
WG9130775019 [Power take off-line]
WG9130775020 [Power take off-line]
WG9130775036 [Power take off-line]
WG9130775040 [ABS chassis wiring harness-line]
WG9130775043 [ABS chassis wiring harness-line]
WG9600775038 [Respective nlove box solenoid valve-line]
WG9100770082 [Axle diff lock-line]
WG9100770084 [Axle diff lock-line]
WG9100770086 [Axle diff lock-line]
WG9100770087 [Axle diff lock-line]
26042770015 [Junction box earth wire-line]
WG9100773020 [Right rear combination lamp-line]
WG9100773021 [Left rear combination lamp-line]
WG9100773022 [Right rear combination lamp-line]
WG9100773023 [Left rear combination lamp-line]
WG9100773046 [Right rear combination lamp-line]
WG9130773002 [Wiring harness through box-line]
WG9100770392 [Line connector]