Sinotruk 6x6 Tipper (336) HOWO CONTROL BLOCK RIGHT,RELAY,FUSE (C11-2)-488

HOWO Sinotruk 6x6 Tipper (336) Схема CONTROL BLOCK RIGHT RELAY FUSE
AZ9719580002-1 [Control block right without relay]
F1-1 [Fuse for seat adjusting]
F1-2 [Fuse for start switch]
F1-3 [Fuse for ABS of trailer]
F1-4 [Fuse for cigar lighter left]
F1-5 [Fuse for radio and cigar lighter right]
F2-1 [Fuse for ECAS]
F2-2 [Fuse for ABS (30#)]
F2-3 [Fuse for ABS (30#)]
F2-4 [Fuse for electrodinamic window left]
F2-5 [Fuse for electrodinamic window right]
F3-1 [Fuse for spare relay]
F3-2 [Fuse for spare relay]
F3-3 [Fuse for ABS (15#)]
F3-4 [Fuse for ECAS (15#)]
F3-5 [Fuse for 15# electroline]
F4-1 [Fuse for steering lights]
F4-2 [Fuse for 30# electroline]
F4-3 [Fuse for electrothermal seat]
F4-4 [Fuse for 15# electroline]
F4-5 [Fuse for air dryer]
F5-1 [Fuse for combination instrument and control block left]
F5-2 [Fuse for wiper]
F5-3 [Fuse for electroline of air conditioner]
F5-4 [Fuse for low beam]
F5-5 [Fuse for high beam]
F6-1 [Fuse for position light]
F6-2 [Fuse for electroline D+]
F6-3 [Fuse for front fog lamp]
F6-4 [Spare fuse]
F6-5 [Spare fuse]
J1 [Relay for steering lamp right]
J10 [Spare relay]
J11 [Spare relay]
J2 [Relay for air dryer and electrothermal seat]
J3 [Relay for air conditioner]
J4 [Relay for high beam]
J5 [Relay for fog lamp front]
J6 [Relay for steering lamp left]
J7 [Relay for wiper intermission control]
J8 [Relay for low beam]
J9 [Relay for position light]
AZ9719580002 [Control block right]
WG9100583049 [Start relay (80A)]
Q150B0516 [Screw]
Q150B0516 [Screw]
Q40305 [Spring washer]
Q40305 [Spring washer]
Q340B05 [Nut]
Q340B05 [Nut]
Q340B05 [Nut]
Q40405 [Spring washer]
189100770103 [Line connector (I)]
189100770104 [Line connector ( II)]
Q150B0518 [Screw]
Q41205 [Toothed washer]
Q340B05 [Nut]
AZ9719770040 [Bracket]